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CPPE e-assessment update

Following a high level of access and feedback from those who have used the online assessment system so far, CPPE have announced the first stage review of this ground-breaking approach.

As you know the assessment offers you an innovative way to view professional pharmacy practice and evaluate it. It encourages you to reflect on your own practice and consider how others may perceive and evaluate your performance. Now that over 2000 people have worked through the assessment, CPPE have been able to collate their insights, comments and honest reflection to help refine the assessment model. This makes sure that it meets your needs, offers a valid measure of your performance and reassures patients and customers that pharmacy professionals are committed to excellence.

The current feedback has led to the production of some valuable materials to help you complete this assessment. These include:

  • CPPE e-lecture Consultation skills: improving your practice
  • A video by Reena Barai on how to prepare yourself for the assessment
  • A set of video assessment guidelines

The guidelines are available for you to read through and are designed to be used as a reference source whilst you work through the assessment.

Users of the assessment also wanted more feedback on where judgements differed from those of the panel who originally assessed the videos. CPPE are currently in the process of building and testing a new part of the assessment process which will support you in gaining this understanding.