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Consultations form a core part of day-to-day practice in community pharmacies. Whether conducting a Medicines Use Review, recommending over-the-counter medicines or supporting patients with services such as smoking cessation, the valuable discussions that pharmacy teams have with patients make a real difference.

Whilst undergraduate courses may include elements of communication and consultation skills, many pharmacy professionals may have had no formal training in this area and it can be difficult for anyone to understand whether they are getting this important aspect of pharmacy practice right for their patients.

The launch of the national practice standards for consultation skills for pharmacy practice in March 2014 has provided an invaluable tool for pharmacy professionals to use to review and reflect upon their consultations.

Regardless of previous experience, using these standards alongside the resources available at can support pharmacy teams to understand how to truly adapt their consultations to meet the needs of patients, improving outcomes and ensuring that the skills they may need for current and future pharmacy services are firmly in place.