How can I check my learning and development?

At this step of the learning pathway you can take an e-assessment, which will help you to check your progress and your ability to meet the competencies set out in the practice standards for consultation skills. Passing the assessment will provide assurance to you, your colleagues, other healthcare professionals and patients that you are able to recognise good practice, as well as practice that needs development.

There are four sections to the e-assessment:

Section 1 contains 15 multiple choice questions. You will be presented with a question and five appropriate answers; one answer will be more right than the others.

Sections 2, 3 and 4 involve video observation. We have based each of these on the key skills and behaviours we would expect to see in the consultation. These indicators have been developed to reflect the competencies within the practice standards for consultation skills. In Section 2 you will be asked if a particular skill or behaviour was demonstrated by the pharmacy professional in the video clip and in Section 3 you will be asked to rate the demonstration of the skill/behaviour. Section 4 combines both of these tasks.

Asking you to assess a full consultation would present a challenge. For this reason the videos will be presented to you as clips (usually two to three minutes long). You will be asked to assess three videos in each section of the assessment.

Part 1: Setting the scene: welcome and introduction, building rapport and the start of the information gathering process

Part 2: Information gathering, explanation, planning and sharing decisions

Part 3: Collating information, sharing decisions/plans and closing the consultation effectively

The assessment is located on the CPPE website and you can access it by clicking on the link opposite.

The video assessment guidelines offer advice about how to rate the skills and behaviours demonstrated in the videos. The guidelines explain what we consider to be good versus poor practice and provide examples of the different skills and behaviours you will be rating.

Watch this e-lecture which provides important hints and tips on working through the assessment

To access the video assessment guidelines click on the link on the PDF tab opposite.

We recommend that you download these guidelines, read them and have them available as a reference source as you work through the assessment.

You will find additional useful information to support you in working through the e-assessment on the assessment area of the CPPE website.